Wine Tasting in Murphys - July 2015

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Old house in Murphys #1 Old house in Murphys #2 Albert Michelson, first American Nobel prize winner June, Linda and Eloise at Albert Michelson house Hovey Vineyards tasting menu Old fashioned Nantucket glassware Dog #1 The Murphy brothers set up their tent near here in 1848 Old house in Murphys #3 Moon Alley sign Old house in Murphys #4 Frogs on a bench The Murphys Hotel June with dog #2 Wine tasting at Allegorie Allegorie tasting menu Plate and bowl for sale Tanner Vineyards tasting room Walking down the street Star lamps Open Another view of the Murphys Hotel Stevenot tasting menu Tasters plate The corner of Main and Sheep Ranch Rd This concert held on Parrotts Ferry Rd Livingston walks by the oldest stone building from 1856 Old house in Murphys #5 Selling old stuff since 1976 Dogs #3 and #4 Shopping for art Rabbit Stone steps Old house in Murphys #6 Old house in Murphys #7 Old stone building Welcome to Murphys all wineos Bird houses Wall of comparative ovations Main St Murphys Hotel sign Livingston Bar in the hotel Tanner tasting menu Tea an' Tiques Blue door June at Hatcher's underground tasting room Hatcher tasting menu Dog #5 Livingston wants the big bottle 425 Main St Entrance to Ironstone Vineyards Old buggy Saddle and chest 25.79 kg gold nugget Rear view of the nugget Lead-silver ingot Dog #6 Ironstone's concert venue Petunias Ironstone tasting menu Ironstone bottles June catches up on Facebook Stuffed mountain lion Old cash register Chatom tasting room Fanciful frog Chatom tasting menu Wine competition ribbons Wino eye chart Gourmet atomic frog balls Red roses Tangle of tree branches White Jeep for sale Bullets for sale Free backyard photo booth Old kitchen utensils Livingston walks by a shell and more bullets A long book of matches Fancy Main St sign Eloise heads into the Vina Moda tasting room Wine bottle Christmas tree Black chandeliers Dog #7 Black Sheep tasting room Jellies made from wine grapes Black Sheep tasting menu Old barn with rough sawn wood Ruby Parlor #46 Welcome Chalkboard menu Milliaire tasting room Milliaire tasting menu Milliaire wines Wood bridge Old house in Murphys #8 Funny signs Twisted Oak tasting menu Twisted Few tasting menu Twisted Oak wines In the future I'll tell my grandkids that I am older than the Internet Golden chicken nugget Draft beer menu Alchemy restaurant sign Old house in Murphys #9 Calaveras Big Trees State Park Livingston, Eloise, June, and Pete at the Visitor Center Eloise and Livingston at the Big Trees parking lot Cal Fire truck One tree is bending Do you know your trees June and Livingston read the signs Sequoia redwood trees tower above us A dogwood tree Pete at large tree roots Eloise, June, Linda, and Livingston Looking up Three trees togetner Very red Linda, Eloise, and June in the Pioneer Cabin Tree that was hollowed out in 1880s Another view of the Pioneer Cabin Tree Pete reads from the trail guide Looking up again Huge redwood trees Eloise and a huge burl Eloise on a rock An incense cedar amongst the other trees Grove of redwoods Mother of the Forest, now dead, stripped of its bark in 1854 for exhibitions Sign about how the tree was stripped Eloise in a redwood grove that started growing after the 1908 fire Boardwalk Stump of Father of the Forest that fell hundreds of years ago Linda and June lean on Father of the Forest Livingston goes into the hollow tree June and Pete by pair of big Sequoias Pete peeks out of a huge knot hole Livingston peeks through the know hole Pete can stand up insde this hollow log June, Linda, and Eloise stand in a gap cut into the Hercules tree which fell in 1881 Carved initials Pete and Livingston next a tree that shows fire marks Hollow fallen tree Some trees are very red Mother and Son trees Eloise and Linda recline to look at the tree tops Chickaree or pine squirrel Old Bachelor tree Steller's jay Siamese Twins trees The boardwalk zig zags Kids pose at the bottom of the Granite State tree Pretty red berries History of the Big Stump Auger marks on redwood tree that took 22 days to cut down Eloise, June, and Linda on the Big Stump June, Linda, Pete, and Livingston on the big stump of a 1,244 year old tree cut down in 1853 North Grove trailhead Group of girls visiting the park Photos from 1800s #1 Photos from 1800s #2 Lounge in the visitors center Parrotts Ferry Rd But Parrotts Ferry Rd is spelled wrong here