Rhode Island

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The Breakers Ehren at The Breakers Cottage on the grounds of The Breakers Very first Baptist church in America in Providence Old houses in Providence Sand sculpture at the Mystic Acquarium A Beluga whale Fish 1 Ehren looks in a colorful tank Poisonous frogs Piranha Fish 2 Jellyfish 1 Bottom-dwelling jellyfish Jellyfish 2 Jellyfish 3 Flounders camouflaging themselves Eels Ehren looks in a tank Fluorescing see life Flourescing tetras Sea horse Sharks in petting tank Fish 3 Fish with eyes above the surface Trigger fish amongst anemones Snapping turlte Sting rays Lobster Nurse shark Box turtles and bull frog More box turtles Penguins Ehren next to a deep sea submarine Noye's Neck Road with stone fences Dairy cattle A typical Rhode Island house The Mugge's house Weekapaug Chapel where Alex got married Seafront houses More seafront houses Seashore one block from Mugge's. Driftwood Long beach a couple blocks from Mugge's Ehren at the beach Beaches are controlled by fire districts The daffodils were just coming out Mugge's rock garden Alex at Sunday brunch Alex and Ehren