Nicole's Wedding - April 2017

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Eric walks Theresa down the aisle Jeff walks Nicole down the aisle 1 Jeff walks Nicole down the aisle 2 The handoff at the altar The bride and groom await their vows Ring ceremony Blessing Wife and husband Back down the aisle Libby with Sarah Altar flowers 1 Altar flowers 2 Mingling Theresa, Courtney, Nicole, and Libby 1 Theresa, Courtney, Nicole, and Libby 2 Libby appears to be a bit bored Alex, Nick, Nicole, and Eric Three generations of Louden's Bidal table before everyone arrives Buffet area Table 12 Centerpiece 1 Centerpiece 2 The line for the bar Mafia Waiting to enter Eric gives his speech Bride and groom dance Bride with father dance Groom with mother dance Everyone wants to hold Libby Time to cut the cake Nick seems to be making a mess Starts out nice And then... The guys look nervous This looks serious Nick and Nicole making the rounds of the tables Hugs for June Hugs for Jessica Steve and Katie eating cake The cousins table Nicole hanging onto Nick Jen and Dave dancing Dancing June and Jessica in the photo booth