Megan's and Sammy's Wedding

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Sylvan Cellars Event Center Corn field next to Sylvan Cellars Event Center Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After Seating chart To love and to hold The guests start to arrive Love ladder Inside the venue - 1 Inside the venue - 2 Inside the venue - 3 Wedding cakes - 1 Inside the venue - 4 Chandelier 1 Chandelier 3 Lantern on a table Some of the building's beams slice right through the tables Guest registry Table settings Theresa and Greg A photographer takes pictures of the place settings Pineapple palm tree Inside the venue - 6 Wedding cakes - 2 Wedding cakes - 3 Gifts chest Heading towards the outdoor ceremony Water tower 1 Another old building on the grounds Rustic building Theresa walks near outbuilding Outbuilding Guest programs Brick outbuilding Gathering in the sun Backdrop for ceremony Flower jars The sound system is behind the boxes Orchard 1 More people gathering Holes in the side of the building Lone tree Main venue building Rear view of backdrop Another rear view Water tower Parked cars Crufty door Peeling paint Waiting for ceremony Window is falling apart Programs Nick and Jordan, with Steve looking on Baby under umbrella Another view of the programs table The bride and groom arrive Megan hands something to Lauren The ceremony More ceremony 1 Attendants More ceremony 2 Husband and wife Slide show Ehren drinks red wine 1 Ehren drinks red wine 2 Sue and Brad 1 Jessica Sue and Brad 2 Ehren hands flowers to his sister Steve and Robin Jessica munches Ehren Ehren acts silly 2015 Entering the venue - 1 Entering the venue - 2 Megan and Sammy enter the venue - 1 Megan and Sammy enter the venue - 2 Megan and Sammy enter the venue - 3 Megan and Sammy enter the venue - 4 Theresa and Jeff 1 Greg and Nancy 1 Table Megan and Sammy 1 Greg, Nancy, and Theresa Jordan, Nick, Alex, and Eric Greg and Nancy 2 Theresa and Jeff 2 Greg and Nancy 3 Megan and Sammy 2 Pete tries to choke June Playfully June and Pete are having fun June and Pete Nicholas and Andrew Jen, Nicholas, Andrew, and Dave Kelly and Katie Josh and Amanda Courtney and Jordan 1 Nicole and Nick Nancy and Diane Alex and Eric June and Josh talk to the newlyweds Chandelier 2 Making the rounds Megan and Jessica Sammy, Megan, and Jessica Jessica, Ehren, and Megan Photo window Water tower 2 Empty chairs More empty chairs Two windows Window with offset pane Barn Orchard 2 Jessica in the orchard Apples Pick an apple Detassled corn field Jessica in front of the corn field 1 Jessica in front of the corn field 2 Corn Itchy grass Evening shadows Barn again Dave and Jen wait for a picture to be taken Jessica gives me a look Megan and Sammy eat cake Robin, June, and Ehren Presents Chandeliers and fan Nancy, Sammy, Megan, Greg, and Lauren Pete, Steve, Diane, Theresa, Nancy, and Dave Water tower at night Door with shadows Ehren, Josh, and Dave Dancing - 1 Brian and Katie Lighted vase Brian and Katie check their phones Courtney and Jordan 2 Courtney and Jordan 3 Jessica and Ehren Lights Dancing - 2 Dancing - 3 Dancing - 4 Flower balls The wedding party table Another table lantern Dancing - 6 Dancing - 7 Dancing - 8 Dancing - 9 Another lantern Empty plate and fork Dancing - 10 Dancing - 11 Dancing - 12