David's and Katy's Wedding - March 2016

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Dinner Deluge Bouquet Toss Garter Father-Bride Dance Mother-Groom Dance Dana's Gift Conga Line Cupid Shuffle Dancing


Jessica is on her way to Florida Looking towards the beach from the hotel Beach to the south Rescue buggy June, Mary, and Jolee June and Mary on the hotel deck at the beach Mary says hello to her newest greatgrandaughter The Matthew Parrott family Dana with her niece Audrey Anthony and Emily Jessica's tuna lunch David and Pete at the rehearsal dinner Surviving the rehearsal dinner deluge Beach at the hotel Emily, Mary, and Ehren June and Dale Someone skims along the water These girls are going to get wet Pete, June, and shrimp skewers for lunch Speculating if the rain will spoil the wedding Audrey takes a nap Anthony Evacuation after the hotel lobby floods Umbrella on the beach Debi, David, and Dale Hang loose Debi, Jolee, and Dale Violin music before the wedding The guests are arriving June fist bumps with Audrey Jolee, Jessica, June, and Ehren Mary and June Where the wedding ceremony will be held Pete and Jessica selfie David escorts his Mom to her seat Dale and David Katy's Mom and brothers David escorts Anthony The best man Katy's sister The bridal march Katy and her Dad Wedding ceremony Holding hands Kissing the bride Just married Happy The bride and groom with the Mieraus June and Jessica Parrott siblings Katy mingles Parrott siblings with Dad and Mom Katy and David with Matt's kids Grandma gets a smooch Katy, Mary, and David Audrey, Anthony, Mary, and Dale Matt and kids with Great Grandma and Grandpa Katy with her Mom Katy with her Dad Something is surprising The bride and groom with their parents Mary with her kids and grandkids Harpist Katy with her siblings Eating flowers Katy with her Grandmother Katy's family Katy with more family Matt's kids get to drink a Sprite 'cocktail' with a cherry Adjusting the dress Mrs Parrott Photo bomb Sisters The bridal party V for victory Socks The champagne awaits Wedding cake Pretty flowers Debi and Jessica Mary, Debi, and Dale Jolee gives Jessica a kiss on the cheek Table 7 Katy's Mom and Dad arrive at the reception Debi and Dale The bride and groom arrive Katy and David dance Dale and Debi June and Ehren Bridesmaids dancing Speech by the father of the bride Groomsman dance Jolee gives a speech Anthony leads a prayer Another view of the wedding cake Jessica Party time David talks to his Dad Pete dances with June P is for Parrott More partying David is Jessica's favorite cousin Jessica and Debi Katy and David with Matt and family