Panama Canal

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Panama Canal Transit
Our Panama pilot comes on board We approach the Puente Atlantico just outside the first locks of the Panama Canal We cross under the bridge We approach the locks of the Panama Canal at dawn A ship is leaving the locks as we approach A sea bird perches on the antenna tower Our ship will be raised two levels by the two locks A locomotive attaches a line to our ship to pull us through Other locomotives will attach lines at the stern of the ship There is a huge cargo ship in the locks next to us Pete is taking pictures Four locomotives pull the ship next to us as it reaches sea level Locomotives going up and down Principle offices for the Canal de Panama The first locks open to allow us to go into the next one Gatun Locks built in 1913 We enter the second locks Another ship is in back of us waiting to enter the locks We are now at the same height as Gatun Lake You can see how close this oil tanker is to the side of the locks The huge Gatun Lake was created by the builders of the Panama Canal Ships waiting for their turn in the locks Another huge Panamax ship waits to go into the locks Terraces where the Canal was excavated beginning in 1907 The Culebra Cut and Puente Centenario bridge This was the toughest part of the Canal to excavate A guard boat Tugboat A huge cargo ship waiting for the one-way ship traffic to change directions June and Linda under an awning at the bow of our ship Everyone is lining the railings We approach the Miraflores locks to go down one level Rowing the steel line from the locomotive to the ship Attaching lines June selfie A large cargo ship uses the new Canal that opened in 2016 The Miraflores locks A sailboat goes through the locks next to us Someone is leaving our ship by ambulance The lock gates open And the locomotive pulls our ship through We now approach the final set of locks The Canal visitors center is packed to watch us go through We are now at sea level in the Pacific Ocean Cargo cranes with Panama City skyscrapers in the distance Panama City high-rise buildings Ships waiting to enter the canal