Huatulco, Mexico

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We approach Huatulco, Mexico The harbor in Huatulco Welcome to Huatulco June and Linda on the pier Nice beach area Dancers on the pier On the road for our excursion A simple local church A house on very tall pilings Handmade rugs for sale We stop for traditional cooking and a garden tour Grinding corn to make masa Making tortillas from the masa Tortillas cooked on an open fire We start the garden tour with an agave plant A cacao pod A different kind of cacao June and Pete Very red flowers Bird of paradise plant A baby pineapple Another pretty flower Handicrafts for sale As we leave, we see furniture for sale Parroquia de Santa Maria Huatulco framed by the letter O Huatulco sign at the town square School kids playing in a pavilion Refreshments for sale Municipal offices Parroquia de Santa Maria Huatulco We stop at Margarito's Black Smith Shop Robot sculpture Saws made in this shop Pumping a bellows by hand Sharpening the hot point A hand drill made by the blacksmith Nasty looking machete The local cemetery We arrive at a mezcal factory Green agave plants (not the blue agave used for tequila) Agave pinas that have been roasted Rooster Huge grinding wheel The agave pinas are crushed and then fermented Time for samples A shot of mezcal followed by a slice of lime with spicy seasonings Linda tries a shot of mezcal Making a snack of deep fried grasshoppers Mmmm....  grasshoppers Licor Cremosa de Agave Linda is shopping Cat crossing Back to the port where our ship is very near the beach June needs some refreshments Entertainment Multi-story houses in various states of repair