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Welcome to Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala A marimba band welcomes us A volcano smolders in the distance Roadside fruit market We are heading towards those volcanoes A puff of ash shoots out of this volcano The top of this volcano is covered in clouds In 2018, the Volcan de Fuego eruption destroyed the village that used to be here Lava flow from the 2018 Volcan de Fuego eruption We saw lots of horses grazing at the side fo the road They call these chicken buses Another chicken bus Catedral de Escuintla An interesting old door Street in Antigua We stop for some rum tasting A modern looking chandelier June and Linda are enjoying some rum We get a detailed explanation Lots of different aged rums No smoking and no guns A spicy orange liqueur Domino's pizza delivery motorcycle These women want to sell colorful blankets to Linda We arrive at Jade Maya There is lots of jade in the Guatemala Mayan areas A jade museum Jade mask Mayan scene Replicas of jade articles from Mayan tombs Jade jewelry factory Making a jade mask Colorful flowers in a fountain Pete and June with orchids hanging down Most of the streets in Antigua are cobblestone Tourist traffic People sitting by a public fountain We stop for lunch at the Porta Hotel Silverware pouch Hot buffet More buffet choices Linda's lunch Tourist shopping Catedral de San Jose Pretty flowers June heads towards the craft tables Carrying fruit on her head Archways in the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales The main shopping street Lots of motorcycle parking The volcano seems to be just at the end of the street Museo de Arte Colonial Cotton candy and fruit Volcanoes this way Hillside farms Farm crops