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Welcome to Seville


Dawn in Huelva, Spain, near Seville Christopher Columbus memorial We are on our way to Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) Seville's bull fight ring An old stone tower We see our first buildings from the Ibero American Exposition of 1929 Guatemala pavilion Colombia pavilion Morocco pavilion Glorieta de Buenos Aires Palos de Frontera Hotel Alfonso XIII Chair art Seville's huge cathedral The cathedral bell tower Tile sign about a song written to honor King Felipe II A wooden alligator hangs in the entrance to the cathedral courtyard Detail work A fountain from the days of the Moors Gargoyle Inside the cathedral - 1 Inside the cathedral - 2 Ornate gold is everywhere Roof of the cathedral Wrought iron fence protecting the altar Ornate ceiling Solid gold in back of the altar Another view of the gold Choir Ornate organ pipes Chapel with a huge painting Stained glass window An art exhibition in part of the cathedral Baby Jesus Another ornate chapel Tomb of Christopher Columbus Odd painting where someone was torn up by the lion Conquistador Virgin Mary Flowers on her head A thorn from Christ's crown of thorns in the center Ceiling of the Renaissance vault Crowns Treasures 1 Treasures 2 Treasures 3 The Door of Forgiveness June and Eloise Pete and Eloise June and Linda Tapas for lunch Signs Starbucks menu Washing the horsedrawn cart Linda and June Colorful buildings Patio de Banderas Barrio Santa Cruz - the Jewish quarter Where the head of Susona was hung in 1480 for betrayal of the Jews Pretty buildings 1 Dangerous looking wiring on the Calle Pimienta Narrow streets Pretty buildings 2 Old doorway Convent Our guide shows us millstones embedded in the wall Iron work cross The Plaza de Espaņa Ceramic railing Tower on the Plaza Buggy ride Row boats A riverboat Thousands of the famous oranges of Seville (for marmalade) Farm country