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White Caps on the Pool in Rough Seas


Linda and Eloise while embarking Eloise in the Crow's Nest Lounge Linda and June giggling Monkey towel sculpture Eloise and Linda at first gala night June at first gala night At sea Eloise, Pete, and June in the cabin Eloise, Linda, June, and Pete at dinner Turkey towel sculpture Flying the Dutch and French flags Holland America flag A crew member cleans the railings Radar domes Lights Sculpture from the company that built the ship Flower arrangement in the atrium Two crew members at the bow of the ship Lots of lights on the top mast June and Eloise in Bordeaux Prinsendam docked at the quay in Bordeaux Swimming pool Upper decks Ship's deck plan near our cabins June, Pete, and Eloise as we leave Bordeaux Pig towel sculpture Prinsendam in Bilbao Elephant towel sculpture Eloise and Linda at second gala night Eloise at second gala night Linda at second gala night June and Pete at second gala night Pete at second gala night Prinsendam in Lisbon A sunny day at the pool Walrus towel sculpture Sea turtle towel sculpture Tulip field painting in the lobby Ship's tender Two-for-one happy hour for June Rabbit towel sculpture Prinsendam in Castellon de la Plana Penguin towel sculpture Sunset June on a walk to raise money for charity Pete, June, Eloise, and Linda formal picture Seal towel sculpture Ship's mast at dawn Linda and June with dancer at Castellon de la Plana Flower arrangement Two-for-one mojitos