Mont Saint-Michel

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Church Service
Our ship is docked in Cherbourg behind lots of fences It's 150 kilometers to Mont Saint-Michel The Normande breed of cattle Festival sign made from bales of hay A tiny little village The Normandy countryside We approach Avranches, gateway to Mont Saint-Michel Avranche A new bridge and an old Roman bridge Another village We catch our first glimpses of Mont Saint-Michel in the distance We are getting close now Mont Saint-Michel - 1 Mont Saint-Michel - 2 A boat is stranded on the mud flats The flag of Normandy It's a long way up to the top Hordes of people are visiting today Mont Saint-Michel is at the outlet of two rivers A special sled was used to hall things up this slide Seagull There is a village down below us Lots of stonework June is climbing the 350 stairs to the top She's almost to the top The spire Models of how Mont Saint-Michel has evolved over time Entrance to the church at the top Graves embedded in the stone floor This place is immense These stones came from stonemason number 8 Pete inside the church Transept of the church Stairway to a tiny door Looking through the archway of the cloister Roof inside the cloister's walkways Linda made it The king's head on a dragon in the trim piece The cloister Stained glass The refectory Pretty floors The refectory's pulpit The girls are taking a break Statue of Saint Michael vandalized during the French revolution The guest's hall A massive fireplace Saint Madeleine chapel Narrow passageway The crypt Vent in the top of the crypt Altar in the Saint Martin crypt A giant hamster wheel for people for pulling up the supplies on the slide outside The sled goes down a long way Saint Etienne chapel A small pieta on the wall Stairway Eloise looks up at the arches in the Knight's Hall June stands in another huge fireplace Statue of Saint Michael the Archangel We start to head down Massive stone walls Busy walkway through the village They drink hard cider out of coffee cups Eloise, June, and Linda eating crepes for lunch Shops in the village Heading for the exit Donation box for ocean rescuers Eloise in the village Footprints in the mud flats Looking back A shuttle bus to the parking lot Waiting for the shuttle We drive away Signs for cyclists Tourist sign alongside the road - 1 Sainte Mere-Eglise where a paratrooper's chute caught on the tower during WW2 Tourist sign alongside the road - 2 Tourist sign alongside the road - 3 Tourist sign alongside the road - 4 Corn fields We pass through the town of Percy Tourist sign alongside the road - 5 Tourist sign alongside the road - 6 Tourist sign alongside the road - 7 Tourist sign alongside the road - 8 Back to our ship in Cherbourg Lounging on the balcony A huge mural on the dock People watching our ship leave port Cherbourg's sea defenses from the Napoleon era