Malaga & The Alhambra

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We arrive at dawn in Malaga, Spain A huge ferry is in port We are on our way to Granada and the Alhambra This cemetery looks like a village Bull sign Olive grove Iberian ham for Bocadillo sandwiches at a rest stop We are approaching Granada The exit for the mountains and the Alhambra Granada below us as we climb into the hills Cave where Gypsies live Tickets for La Alhambra The walls of the fortress Waterfall Church of Santa Maria Cannons defending the Alhambra Outside of the Palace of King Carlos V Arched gateway in the Moorish style Entrance to the palace Although the outside is a square, the inside is round Pete looking for photo opportunities We enter the Court of the Myrtles Intricately carved arches Colorful tilework Moorish door Close-up of door surround Courtyard reflecting pool Another view Linda Fountain filling the reflecting pool Colorful alcove Double arch Hallway Hall of the Ambassadors Ceiling of the Hall of the Ambassadors Detail of the throne room walls More detail Many tile designs 1 Many tile designs 2 Many tile designs 3 Even the floor is intricate Courtyard of the Lions Another view of the Courtyard of the Lions Several types of arches Lattice Dado archway Portico of the Mozarabs Hall of the Abencerrajes Triple arches Ceiling in the Hall of the Two Sisters Door leading to the harem Ceiling in the Hall of the Kings Hall of the Kings Worn walkway built in the 1300's View of a nearby village Tile and wall detail Alhambra means 'the red castle' Partal Palace Pete takes a picture of the stone mosaic walkway Lily pond Flowers in the Partal Gardens Water from the mountains is distributed everywhere Roses and gardenias Multisided tower Feral cat Inlaid boxes for sale Linda is shopping for inlaid wood Demonstration of inlaying Old street sign Hotel America Eloise buys a book Watercolors Ruins of the Palace of the Abencerrajes Walkway of the cedars Parador de San Francisco Generalife Gardens The village next to the Alhambra Arches made from bushes Fuzzy flowers Palacio de Generalife Looking back at the Alhambra Lots of olive trees for as far as you can see Church of the Incarnation in Loja Another view of Loja Sign in both Spanish and Arabic for a town in Algeria Lighthouse and the old Alcazaba of Malaga The beach is packed The Malaga Cathedral behind a resort The ship's wake as we leave Malaga Sunset