Lisbon - Peter & Eloise

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We arrive in Lisbon at dawn Church of São Vicente of Fora at the top of the hill Another cruise ship is arriving too National Pantheon Ponte 25 de Abril modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge Belém Tower from 1514 Eloise and Pete Biplane turned into a sculpture Jerónimos Monastery We see a submarine entering Lisbon harbor We hired a taxi driver nicknamed Zappa for the whole day Cascais harbor Waterfront buildings Statue of King Carlos Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Luz Torre de Santo Antônio de Cascais Cascais town square A Smart car in downtown Cascais We stop for a snack at Zappa's neighborhood cafe An old Roman aquaduct as we enter Sintra A glimpse of the Palácio Nacional de Sintra We get our first sight of the Pena Palace 1 We get our first sight of the Pena Palace 2 We get our first sight of the Pena Palace 3 Pete walks towards the main gate Pena Palace 1 Eloise near the main gate The main gate to the palace Pena Palace 2 Pena Palace 3 Pena Palace 5 Pena Palace 6 Pena Palace 7 Pete in a guard tower Eloise stands next to the crenellations over the gate Palace courtyard The royal china Dining table An old Moorish castle is nearby Mosaic made from shells The queen's lounge chair The queen's bed Portrait of the King Portrait of the Queen A very fancy carved chest Some vaguely scary porcelain figures Ornate room Gold items for church Carved relief Intricate ceiling Eloise in the sitting room Unusual lamp Restoration work in progress Hunting trophies The palace kitchen All of the stairway banisters look like this Wine to Eat in the gift shop (whatever that means) As we leave the Pena Palace A Celtic looking cross Eloise in one of the many palace gardens Pathway to the Moorish Castle (although we didn't actually get to go inside) Layout of the Moorish Castle built in 8th century Walkways along the castle walls Eloise on the Moorish walkway Interesting building back in Sintra Dogs that need homes Typical houses in Sintra Sintra railway station The cafe where we had lunch Back to Lisbon One of the soccer stadiums The other soccer stadium Saint George, protector of Portugal Street in the old Alfama district of Lisbon Pretty tilework on this building Jardim Júlio de Castilho The old Alfama district Our ship is the one on the left One of the antique trams that they use in Lisbon Statue of Christopher Columbus with Church of São Vicente of Fora in the background Mural next to the public restrooms More narrow streets A tiny cafe Safe & Funny We see Lisbon Cathedral as we leave Lisbon Praça do Comércio Castelo de S. Jorge is covered with trees The submarine we saw is refueling Going under the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge Palácio Nacional da Ajuda Jerónimos Monastery again The Padrão dos Descobrimentos is covered in scaffolding Cute ferry Belém Tower A modern building with the Pena Palace in the background Forte de São João das Maias We pass the Forte de São Julião da Barra on our way out to sea