Gibraltar - Peter & Eloise

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We approach Gibraltar at dawn A French ship is already in port The Pacific Princess arrives Fishermen Statue about the evacuation of Gibraltar during WW2 City gates from 1824 The Convent Guard House The Governor's offices are in The Convent Southport wall Trafalgar Cemetery Apes are wild animanls and they may bite Cable car to the top of the Rock We see our first apes - Barbary macaques The Prinsendam is far below us Eloise is being careful not to get too close Pete at the top of the Rock The famous pointed part of the Rock of Gibraltar The apes are everywhere Mom is grooming her babies This is what's at the very tip of the Rock Ships on the Mediterranean side Close-up of grooming Ruins from WW2 Playing on the rocks This one is sortof cute This guy is eyeing us The Spanish town of Algeciras across the bay Unusual name for a gate Flag of Gibraltar Lots of motorbikes Menu at the Angry Friar pub Lunch with Eloise at the pub Inside the pub The King's Chapel from 1560 Downtown Gibraltar Glassmaking High-rise apartments line the oceanfront Warning! Anti-climbing paint