Bilbao & Castro Urudiales

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We arrive in Bilbao at dawn The bus drives from Bilbao to Castro Urudiales Some of Bilbao is quite industrial Beans for sale Fruit stand Town hall for Castro Urudiales Old narrow streets Linda next to a very old door Lots of feral cats Old houses Church of Santa Maria Statue of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus June and Linda with our tour group Old front door of the church Rocky inlet with houses perched on top Rock outcropping Flying buttresses Castillo Faro Another stone building The town breakwater Another view of the church Lighthouse on the old castle Can you see the stairway going to the top of the rock Linda carefully comes down the old stairway Medieval bridge Sculpture honoring Mothers of the Sea Small boat harbor The main square Laundry Fish catch of the day Covered walkway Signs Looking back at the church and castle past the boar harbor Eloise, Linda, and June Castro Urudiales bull fight ring Mountainous terrain Bilbao soccer stadium Statue There is a statue of a lion on that building A mural The plaque on the wall shows how high the 1983 flood got Columns Plaza Nueva Narrow streets have lots of shade Pilgrimage marker on the way to Santiago de Compostela Lots of stairs Old apartments Another narrow street Salt cod shop Church of San Antonio Public market building Meat counter Shops Tapas Basque flag Santiago Cathedral One of the decorative street signs Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao opera house Back to the church where we started our tour Ornate bank building Bridge across the Nervión River Woman sitting in a sculpture The Guggenheim Museum A huge spider at the Guggenheim The street signs are written in both Basque and Spanish Pricey neighborhood with ocean views An old windmill Basque graffiti on the sea wall Lighthouse as we leave the harbor