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Model Makers at the Sagrada Familia


Gorgeous colors in the sky as we arrive in Barcelona Interesting building Gaudí's Casa Milà (La Pedrera) Model of Casa Milà Gated doorway Interior courtyard What can you visit (but there are still real tenants too) Framed door We go to the roof (along with a hundred other people) Chimneys with decorative caps More chimneys Stairway entrance Eloise Vents and chimneys Arch June walking amongst the chimneys View from the rooftop of the Sagrada Familia Sagrat Cor church in the distance Looking down into the courtyard These chimneys have broken glass and pottery Linda and June Exhibits in the attic Cutaway model 1 Cutaway model 2 Arches were inpired by drooping chains Structural support arches Structural column Gaudi was inspired by nature Gaudi designed furniture too To an apartment exhibit Wavy doors Kid's room Sewing and ironing Stove Surprisingly modern bathroom Dining room Sitting room Telephone Chandelier Shopping Expensive purses Pete and June at an outdoor cafe Sagrada Familia Packed with people Under construction for almost 100 years Construction work Shrouded scaffolding Amen Crucifixion scene 1 Jesus of Nazereth, King of the Jews Towers Catwalk and scaffolding View from the park across the street June and Eloise shop for souvenirs Interior of Sagrada Familia Stained glass Columns Window into the crypt where Antoni Gaudí is buried Immense ceiling Sun pours through the stained glass windows Jesus door Candelabra Candle sticks Sagristia Crucifixion scene 2 Sad statue Christ with crown of thorns Christ tied to a pillar Jesus of Nazareth Crucifixion hanging under an umbrella Lights Medallions in the ceiling One section has more traditional decor Harpist Nativity scene Magi and angels Mary, perhaps Winged lion Saint Joseph Perhaps a black knight Stained glass detail Sacristy ceiling detail Photos showing building progression Models Large scale model Chronology with first stone laid in 1882 Another model Photo progression Bell designed by Gaudi Model maker at work Statue of Antoni Gaudí June drinks sangria Mini-hamburger tapas Time to check email Sculpture in our hotel lobby Casa Batlló Staircase Even the tiles are custom made Fancy vases Stantion Audio tour Tiled interior courtyard Decorated door Even the ceiling is special Rear balconies Back wall Fish scales Looking at the rear terrace Curved door Curved window Wooden staircase Custom chandelier Ceramic fireplace This ceiling light looks like an anemone Lots of people Linda, Eloise, and June Store window Gaudi furniture for sale Tilework detail Arched walkway Spiral staircase On the roof of the Casa Batlló Chimneys coverd with broken pottery Curvy wall Flowery spire Chimneys next to a dragon spine Sun fountain Hologram of Gaudi Glass roof over the courtyard The building next door to the Casa Batlló Another view of the Casa Batlló As we get on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus, we see thousands of discarded earbuds Interesting old building We drive past the Sagrada Familia The Facade of the Suffering Way A view of an older part of the cathedral Gaudi's workshop City bikes Park Güell Trudgin up the hill to the Park Güell Inside the Park Güell Entrance Steeple Shuttered window Park Güell building Park Güell wall Bay window Linda and June at the Park Güell Wrought iron fence Ornate tower An old church More Gaudi-esque towers BFC soccer stadium This building has lots of greenery hanging from it Large older building Fancy balconies, some with Catalan flags Veterinary hospital El Triangle Starbucks Colorful roof spires Fountain at the Plaça de Catalunya Pigeons are flying everywhere Lots of people on Las Ramblas Dome with someone riding a bird We pass the Casa Batlló And Casa Milà Wrought iron lamp post Lighthouses lining the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial Park Dragon sculpture Joan Miró sculpture Plaça Espanya and the Arenas de Barcelona Torres Venecianes Baroque style building Fountains in front of Palau Nacional Colorful sculpture made from oil barrels This is what our Hop-On Hop-Off bus looks like Broadcast tower looks like a sculpture Telefèric de Montjuïc You can see a lot of Barcelona from Montjuïc Telefèric Barcelona Christopher Columbus memorial Andreu Alfaro sculpture Onades in the Plaça del Carbó Lobster sculpture Lichtenstein El Cap de Barcelona sculpture Ships navigation control tower Building with dangling balls Monument to Francesc Macià La Pedrera at sunset Another local wine Paella