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Linda and June taking a break The cutest little dachshund puppies Hoofstrasse in the fashion district Stedelijk Museum Typical Amsterdam street Garden next to the Rijksmuseum Tree stump sculpture Mural on the Rijksmuseum Boys standing within a fountain I amsterdam Rear view of people climbing on the I amsterdam sculpture Kids playing on an art installation in the Museumplein park The Moco museum has a Banksy exhibit The Van Gogh Museum If you look closely, you can see Linda, June, and Eloise in the reflection Museumplein park with the Rijksmuseum at the end The other end of the Museumplein with the concert hall at the end An angled green for sunning Eloise, Linda, and June on the verge of insanity A bicycle with a compartment for the kids Tiny, tiny electric car Dekool bicycle June in the hotel room Trying to see what snacks are for sale in the hotel bar Rijksmuseum information desk A biplane in the Rijksmuseum Javanese aboriginal face masks in the Rijksmuseum German military chess set Eloise and June in the Great Hall of the Rijksmuseum Pete and June at the Rijksmuseum Another view of the Great Hall Interesting expression on this sculpture of a working man Dutch porcelain found in a shipwreck East India Company ship owner pointing to his ship in the distance Rembrandt portrait Linda and June in front of the Banquet of the Crossbowmen's Guild Rembrandt's Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem Rembrandt's Man in Oriental Dress Jacob Marrel still life Sculpture in the Rijksmuseum's atrium Fishing for Souls shows Protestants on one side and Catholics on the other Might be a poodle in the painting A wooden sculpture of a dog Solid gold lizard One of the exhibition rooms The only two life-size portraits painted by Rembrandt More Rembrandts Children teaching a cat to dance The Last Judgment altar piece The Threatened Swan Rembrandt's self portrait, but as the Apostle Paul Famous Rembrandt painting of the Syndics Gold Delft panels Colorful fireplace panel Musical instruments Models of ships Linda outside the Rijksmuseum Plastic chairs in a pond Huge windmills generate electricity Ship's crew take us out to sea Beach houses on the coast of the Netherlands Lighthouses and navigation radar Fishing boat