Courtney's and Jordan's Wedding

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Nick and Josh decorate the car Kelly and Katie The priest and altar boy prepare Boys are waiting Walking down the aisle Courtney on her Dad's arm as they walk down the aisle Vows Married Happy The wedding party waiting to take pictures More waiting Eric, Nicole, and Alex Nice smile The wedding party Jordan has some fans Jordan and the maids of honor Very protective Gathering for pictures Immediate family of both sides Waiting for family photos With parents and grandparents With parents With grandparents With Loudens With Louden significant others With Courtney's siblings Nicole, Courtney, and Eric Courtney with Dad and Mom Jeff, Theresa, Courtney, and Jordan Courtney and Wayne The Dini and Abdalla family Dave and Jen's family The Dilman family Robin and Steve Jessica, June, and Pete With McGuckin immediate family Diane and Jessica compare dress styles Amanda and Josh McGuckin's Nicole and Nick Photography The married couple Wedding cake Wedding cake and groom's cake Groom's cake Zero days left Lighting at the reception Centerpiece Courtney and Jordan's dance Father-daughter dance Photographer at the reception Mother-son dance Courtney and Jordan talking to Robin and Steve Nancy talks to Amanda Jessica takes a picture of the married couple Jessica, Courtney, and Jordan Taking a picture of their shoes Reception 1 Reception 2 Slices of cake Presents Dancing 1 Reflection off the window Dancing 2 Dancing 3 Conversation 1 Dancing 4 Courtney Eric and Andrew Dancing 5 Reception 3 Andrew, Kelly, and Eric Bar Reception 4 Reception 5 Reception 6 Time for cake Reception 7 Dancing 7 Reception 8 Robin, Diane, and Steve Reception 9 Reception 10 Dancing 8 Dancing 9 Dancing 10 Nick and Nicole Josh has a halo The Blauser family