Cabo - Thanksgiving 2015

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High Surf from Tropical Storm Sandra Livingston gets wet from Tropical Storm Sandra
Half of the balcony for our timeshare Palm trees in front of the timeshare units Livingston on the balcony Reflecting pool Pool with a swim-up bar Pool towels Another view of the pool and also the beach Lounge chairs waiting for guests Open air thatched restaurants Punta Palmilla in the distance The beach at our timeshare June's breakfast Livingston puts tabasco sauce on his breakfast Eloise's fruit for breakfast Pete's pancakes Looking up at the inside of the thatched roof of the restaurant The sun behind a palm tree Construction right next door Eloise and June on the beach at the surf line I think they are going to get wet Eloise and June The beach looking to the west June June walks along the surf line Livingston and Eloise walk in the sand A breaking wave The La Jolla Hotel next door There are lots of boats in the harbor in Cabo San Lucas June, Livingston, and Eloise in Cabo San Lucas Pete, Livingston, and Eloise in Cabo San Lucas Livingston asks about a fishing trip An ultra modern Christmas tree Two-for-one beers The waiters sing for someone's birthday Hotels, shops, and restaurants at the harbor A small mountain next to the harbor June makes a new friend She's Livingston's friend too June shops for shirts Sunrise on Monday The driving range at the Puerto Los Cabos golf course Livingston makes his shot on the first hole Livingston tees off Lots of sand traps around the greens A house worth multi-millions More fancy houses Our beach in the distance A green that is right on the ocean Livingston is in the sand trap This house is right on the beach The first and second holes Cactus grows wild here The fishing harbor for San Jose del Cabo Lots of sand and brush around this green Livingston putting This hole is right on the beach Pete is ready to tee off That's a lot of grass Fishing boats offshore near our timeshare An ultra-light gives rides on the beach June has been shopping in San Jose del Cabo June got a mighty big margarita More construction nearby Scaffolding People walk on the beach at sunset A doggy on the beach A workman applying stucco The beach at sunrise Palmilla at sunrise A woman fishing in the surf Palm trees Close-up of one of our restaurants Paddle boarding Sea foam Seagull sculpture Sign about Thanksgiving dinner June and Eloise by another ultra modern Christmas tree A metal nativity scene The stage at the Rock and Brew restaurant Moonbathing Full moon A pretty sky at sunset Sunrise on Wednesday Cactus The driving range at Club Campestre golf course Lots of sand and cactus around this hole Livingston gets ready to tee off A deep canyon An arroyo crosses the fairway Pete gets ready to tee off It seems like we have to tee off across half the desert Another pretty hole Old buildings in downtown San Jose del Cabo June in front of some other old buildings The plaza and mission church More old buildings on the plaza Ceramics store One of the downtown streets June crosses the street An unusual paint job Lounge chairs by the pool A fishing boat right next to the beach Lounge chairs Pelican Towels White bougainvillea Purple bougainvillea Breakfast in Cabo San Lucas A fake lighthouse in Cabo San Lucas A pelican perches on a boat Water taxi Cabo tenders One of the zillions of silver jewelry stalls And tee shirt stalls Crowded stalls Livingston and June arrive at Cabo Wabo Livingston at Cabo Wabo 25th anniversary The Giggling Marlin bar Lots of different kinds of tequila Tropical storm Sandra is kicking up the waves today Another view of the waves More big waves Trying to save turtle eggs that got uncovered by the waves Rescued sea turtle eggs Livingston watches the big waves Surfers in the distance Some wave are getting really big Corona on the beach--Livingston's idea of Thanksgiving