Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Jessica and Josh on our tour bus Wieliczka Salt Mine Spa where brine from the mine drips down tree branches Train for hauling salt Waiting for our tour of the salt mines Tour entrance building Entrance Jessica and June Timbered walls 64 meters underground Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus made from salt Salt statues in the Sielec Chamber from 1642 Salt crystals on the roof Our guide explains how the mine worked a long time ago Another statue made from salt Salt covered mining shafts Horse powered treadmill Stairs Brine water Salt encrusted winch Dwarfs The Holy Cross Chapel St Kinga's Chapel - all made from salt Salt floors A small choir sings Salt sanctuary Salt carving of Jesus Steve and Ehren The Last Supper Even the chandeliers are made from salt Brian, Diane, and Robin Pope John Paul II An underground salt pond Listening to the tour guide Elaborate mine timbers More timbers Perhaps tired of walking Another salt pond Stairways Salt ater tunnel The floor looks polished from many years of wear Close up of the salt in the wall A very high chamber Salt for sale in the gift shop Displays of salt crystals June and Jessica in the gift shop Conference room made from salt Another chapel We are 135 meters below the surface, waiting for the elevator We walked quite a distance in this shaft to get to the elevator