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Gingerbread Class Torun
Onion flavored chips and lemon flavored water for the road On the road again A typical Polish town along the way We pass many forests of perfectly straight trees Our first glimpse of the old city of Torun Getting off our tour bus and into the hotel Leaning tower built in the 1200's Renaissance granary An old brick building Crooked bricks Walking along the medieval city walls Naval mine Building attached to the medieval wall Bike Cafe Monastery Gate Ewa shows us where we're going Towers Walking along the Medieval city wall Old buildings Interesting sign Old door seems to have a mouse hole An old metal door More old buildings Our bus seems to take up the whole street when parked in front of the hotel Sign for our hotel Lunch time Natural mineral water Nicholas sniffs at lunch Diane browsing the flea market Jessica eyes the flea market offerings Town headquarters for the Solidarity Party Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Old frescoes Sanctuary Chapel attached to a pillar Beautiful monstrance Jesus, I trust You This knight is in an odd pose Another odd pose Frescoed ceilings A very open confessional Town square The old town hall is now a museum Outdoor cafes line the main square Local booths Another interesting door City hall clock tower Figures of people in the windows Little guy sitting in a window Climbing the clock tower View of Torun from the belltower -1 View of Torun from the belltower -2 View of Torun from the belltower -3 Church of the Holy Spirit as seen from the clock tower Meissner Palace from 1311 Church of the Assumption and lots of apartment buildings in the distance Rooftops Andrew going down a stone spiral staircase Kids in medieval costumes Downtown Torun June is shopping for gingerbread cookies This company has been making gingerbread cookies since 1763 Nice brickwork Bread shop This booth is selling cured meats The house where Nicolaus Copernicus lived That might be the tiniest door yet Fancy gingerbread cookies June spots a four-door Smart car Interesting door hinges Bridge Tower Archway buttresses This building has figures in the windows Close-up of some of the figures Old ivy covered building The corner of this building got hid a few too many times What the castle looked like before the citizens of Torun attacked and demolished it in 1454 Ruins of the Castle of the Teutonic Knights Jessica, Nicholas, and Andrew take a break Statue of a Teutonic Knight More of the city walls Soccer field amongst the old buildings The decor of this building doesn't really fit in Nicholas fits right into the puppet show sculpture Statue of St James St James Church from 1309 Inside the church Chapels I'm not sure what this is supposed to be We have no idea what the writing above this church door means Robin and Steve Is that a dead guy in that truck Red roof of St Jacob's Church Evangelical church Shopping street Statue of dog pulling on woman's dress Pretty building McDonalds menu - 1 McDonalds menu - 2 McDonalds menu - 3 Pierogi menu at another restaurant Nicholas, Andrew, and Jessica are ready for pierogis Pierogi bucket Like the Pied Piper, but with a fiddle and frogs Donuts Roses for sale The Living Museum of Gingerbread Listening to the Gingerbread Witch Robin and Dave prepare the ingredients Diane and Nicholas help too Our cookie making tools One of the cookie molds Ingredients Waiting for cookies to bake Fresh out of the oven The finished gingerbread cookies that we made City Hall clock tower at sunset Statue of Copernicus More figures in windows Jan Olbracht Restaurant and Brewer Gingerbread beer Amanda enjoying a flight of different beers Josh, Pete, Dave, Andrew, Nicholas, and Ehren Klinking glasses Ewa, Jessica, Robin, Amanda, and Steve drinking local beer Ehren's flight Steve, Amanda, Ewa, Jessica, Robin Brian, Jen, June, and Diane The boys play while we drink beer City Hall at night The cafes are still busy Chruch of the Holy Spirit at night Fountain and Meissner Palace Closed for the night Paparazzi Night shot 1 Night shot 2 Bridge girders Breakfast at the hotel is quite a spread Mural in the hotel room