Tczew & Mirowo (Mierau)

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Parish Church of the Holy Cross Driving on a cobblestone road
Mirowo The road is too narrow for the bus and this farm equipment Village limits sign for Mirowo We get the dog excited Shrine to the Virgin Mary Old building from the 1800's Back side of the old building Another old building Everyone reads the sign Josh looks at headstones in the old cemetery One of the headstones Another headstone This headstone is unreadable Sign about the cemetery Mirowo Cemetery Exploring the village Another old farm house and barn Our tour bus on the narrow road Four of Bruno's kids at the Mirowo town sign All of the tour Mieraus at the sign Leaving Mirowo Power windmills outside the village Vistula River Bails of hay Pete taking photos out the bus window Another old church as we make our way to Gdansk A country house in the rain Barns and gardens House under construction Tczew Bruno's mother in Poland Anna Mierau's memorial Anna & Pawel Mierau's gravesite when Anna died Apartments on the edge of town near the fields Tczew is a major rail center Too bad it's rainy today Old windmill from 1806 where Bruno played as a child Polish coat of arms in flowers Bruno lived on this very busy corner as a boy Bruno's house is the first one with the tiled roof - 15 Wojska Polskego Pete trying to take a photo of the back yard in the rain Exploring the house in the rain A view from the other end Nicholas and Andrew with their umbrellas Bruno's family lived on the upper floor Sneaking into the back yard The upstairs where Bruno's family lived Our guide Ewa tries to make friends with the German Shepherd in the back yard The house address painted on the outside Four of Bruno's kids Murals on nearby apartment buildings The apartment building where Bruno's sister Lucie lived Ambulance entrance Lots of apartment buildings in the rainy weather An old brick water tower Cemetery Entrance to the cemetery Searching this cemetery for the grave will be daunting Ehren, Brian, and Jessica search A memorial to local people killed by the Nazis during World War II A chapel in the cemetery Found! We all converge on the found grave Ewa, Jessica, and Dave add candles and flowers One last look before we leave Headstone for Jerzy Kwiatkowscy also on the family plot Close up of the head stone People selling candles and flowers for the graves The kids (and Brian) need a quick stop at McDonalds One last drive past Bruno's family home - 1 One last drive past Bruno's family home - 2 Tzcew city hall Main post office Railroad bridge with decorative portal over the Vistula River from 1857 Cultural center Jessica takes pictures of old photos in a window Parish Church of the Holy Cross Walking to the entrance to the Church of the Holy Cross Heart of Jesus Bell tower from 1226 of the Parish Church of the Holy Cross that Bruno attended Obituaries posted on front of the church Inside the church June and Pete inside the church Main altar Small chapels attached to pillars Stations of the Cross painted on the walls Fancy confessional Various memorial plaques on the walls of the baptistry More chapels Pulpit Rear of the church A chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary Offerings to go to Czestochowa Chapel of the Most Holy Sacrament Small chandelier The boys are taking it all in Parish sign Schedule of services A small chapel in back of the main church 'Garden Pieces' June takes pictures of the church Side view of the church A very red building Rear view of the church Build a house on the rock and the scale is Christ - John Paul II Church St. Stanislaw Kostka nearby Cross honoring the bishop and a statue of Mary We make our way through town Haller Square Sign re-use Pete, June, Jessica, and Ehren The statue is labeled 'summer' The whole tour group Pedestrian shopping street Library Fancy Polish vodka Our city - your street A famer sells vegetables Statue to the author Roman Landowski Ice cream shop A final look at the church Troop cariier in a park Oat fields, perhaps A very bumpy bus ride