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Water powered grist mill for the monastery bakery
The Munich train station where we board a train for Salzburg Old trains on a siding Our guide shows us multi-million mark money from the 1930's A small village along the way The city of Freilassing on the Germany-Austria border Austrian farms Salzburg burns wood to generate electricity The power plant Our first view of Salzburg as we cross the Salzach River We arrive at the Salzburg station We hop on the Obus to get to downtown Bus ride Critical mass Mirabell Gardens, one of the sites for Sound of Music Pete, Jessica, and June June and Jessica take pictures Horse sculpture Mirabell Palace Salzburg Fortress looms above the town Ladders Girl fountain Fountain A poem called Music in Mirabell One of the places that Mozart lived Christian Doppler's residence (discovered the Doppler effect) A footbridge covered with locks Buildings along the river Shopping street Loretto Spiritual Center of St. Blaise at th end of the street We at bosna hot dogs for lunch (with seasonings) A horse wash The fortress above Fresh mountain water Salzburg pretzels in various flavors This salt shop also has a lighted salt wall St. Sebastian's Church spire An outdoor organ Sculpture of a woman in a niche in the rock wall Catacombs Old cemetery at St Peter's Abbey Chapel Paintings about the dead Statue of a girl Pete in the cemetery June with the Fortress above We go up the funicular railroad to the fortress Into the fortress Fortress towers Model about building the fortress starting in 1077 We get caught by a sudden rainstorm View from the fortress Jessica's door A cannon points across the city The world of string puppets museum Puppets - 1 Puppets - 2 Puppets - 3 One view from the fortress Another view A third view, including a Medieval wall The fortress keep where salt was kept when it was so valuable More fortress buildings St Peter's Abbey, Franciscan Church, and Salzburg Cathedral The Alps We are back down in the city A shrine A sculpture of a man on top of a gold ball Kids moving giant chess pieces Statues at the cathedral Inside the cathedral Baptismal font where Mozart was baptized The sacristy Painted ceiling People lighting candles Bleachers for the upcoming Salzburg Music Festival A fountain and the Salzburg Museum Decorated tunnel Mozart balls truffles More truffles Narrow buildings pay lower taxes Mozart's birthplace Jessica is excited to see where Mozart was born A very pretty Starbucks Memorials to holocaust victims embedded in the walkways Liquor in pretty bottles The Collegiate Church Inside the nearly all white Collegiate Church Side chapel Modern sculpture made from the bark of a tree White dome Another side chapel Detail of the white sculpures on the walls above the altar Rear view Walking back to the bus stop A modern dirndl Another shopping street Cool sculptures on a roof June buys some small sacher torte to eat Pete pretends to serve up a sacher torte We are back to the Mirabell Gardens A woman takes a picture of little kids on a tree A mural in the train station - 1 A mural in the train station - 2 We stop in a grocery store - lots of sausages The seem to barbecue with this white stuff