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Nymphenburg Palace Rathaus Glockenspiel
We board the Hop On Hop Off bus to get around Munich Löwenbräukeller where Hitler held meetings Headquarters for the Association of the Sisters of the German Red Cross Kiddie wagon Listening to an explanation of the sites The bus arrives at Nymphenburg Palace Swans swim in the Palace pond June and Jessica head towards the Palace Jessica and June walk through the gardens in back of the Palace Golden lights The gardens are huge--and this is just a small part of it This guy looks pretty angry at this baby Very old looking Poseidon June and Jessica at the central fountain Looking down the Central Canal which is is a kilometer long Looking back towards the Palace Pretty flowers Ceiling of the Great Hall Chandeliers in the Great Hall Pretty clock Elector Max Emmanuel King Ludwig's Gallery of Beauties - 1 King Ludwig's Gallery of Beauties - 2 Sitting room Pretty chandelier Queen's bedroom One apartment in the Palace Chinese laquer panels from 1764 The view of the front gardens from within the Palace View of the rear gardens Can't even get the whole Palace into this panorama Munich Olympic Park Site for MunichMash games BMW headquarters Walking Man statue Victory Gate St Ludwig's Church Karolinenplatz Obelisk Palace of Justice The wind blows the fountain's spray at Konigsplatz If you look closely at the buses reflection you can see Jessica and Pete Augustiner beer with lunch June loved the pretzels Jessica eyes the traditional German dirndl Our lunch spot Brickwork Pretty garden Can you see the basketball net clear at the top Feldherrnhalle and Theatine Church Bavarian National Museum Angel of Peace Bavarian Landstag legistature building Sand bar beach in the river Bridges We arrive at Marienplatz City Hall The Fish Fountain Old City Hall Fire trucks Marian column to the Virgin Mary Bell tower of St Peter's Church Panorama of City Hall These figures re-enact a celebration at the wedding of a Bavarian Duke Münchner Kindl at the top of the spire Gold Virgin Mary and the Old City Hall bell tower Clock on Old City Hall Lots of people Gelato while we wait for the top of the hour to strike Gargoyles Golden eye on top of the Church of the Holy Ghost (being remodeled) Big red O sculpture A beer at our hotel Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in the Nevada desert as we head home