Malbork Castle

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We cross the Nogat River several times on our way to Malbork Pete looks for the castle as we cross the river Our first glimpse of the castle A Lego model of Malbork Castle Buddies We see a portion of the castle while we wait for our guide A recently restored mosaic of the Virgin Mary What the Castle looked like at the end of World War II What it looks like now after restoration Castle entrance Half-timbered tower Dave takes a picture of the main gate Jessica found a door that's even too small for her The main courtyard of the castle Pete gets ready to go down into the furnace room An old mortar It's not a dungeon I hope Josh doesn't burn up How the castle was heated A small gate in the wall The Knights Hall from 1318 Dave tries to open a heating vent Nicholas gets it open Painted walls in the Knights Hall Painted celing in the Teutonic Master's bedroom Chapel Old wall paintings and exposed brick Vaulted walkway The guide lets Nicholas look in the baptismal font Refectory Diane can easily fit in the fireplace An old tapestry made in Belgium Coat of arms Statues of some of the Teutonic Masters This is one huge castle Statue of a Teutonic Knight covered in bird netting Castle wall with guard walkway Huge bell tower I think these artworks look like spider webs Get your very own medieval style coin What the newly struck coins look like Kitchen More of the kitchen Passageway The Chapter House Wall painting of the Virgin Mary with Jesus Treasurer's office Treasury door This gargoyle needs to find the restroom The latrines went straight into the moat Josh gives it a try Statue of the Virgin Mary More statues St George slaying the dragon Altar of the Four Holy Virgins Elaborate gothic door St Mary's Church Altar piece in St Mary's Church Rear view Nicholas tries to lift a stone cannon ball St George slaying the dragon again Cemetery in the eastern terrace You can see the different colored bricks used to patch the holes Jen Jessica Rose A brick gate Shopping Walkway between the walls to the latrine tower Palace residence of the Teutonic Grand Masters Graduating school kids Dave and Jen's family A swan swims past the castle as we leave Gothic castle trail Jessica's collage