Linderhof, Oberammergau & Neuschwanstein

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Linderhof Castle and Bavarian countryside
We are on our way to Linderhof Castle We pass a small village in the Alps Birdhouses for sale Store for a Benedictine monastery A tiny shrine amongst the trees Alpine farm house An Alpine house from 1905 A glimpse of the King's Moroccan House amidst the trees The castle grounds are quite large This castle is actually rather small Audience chamber (scanned from booklet) Bedroom (scanned from booklet) Dining room (scanned from booklet) Hall of mirrors (scanned from booklet) Aerial view (scanned from booklet) Gardners work next to the Neptune fountain and cascades Neptune's Fountain West parterre of the castle Pretty pot with cherubs Statue of Fame Terraces Looking back to the palace Mermaid fountain The Kind's hunting lodge Pond and alpine scenery by the castle Hotel next to the castle Clouds hugging the mountains Alpine valley Entering the town of Oberammergau Menu for homemade food Church spire above the town A guesthouse with mountains in the background Hotels Guesthouse Church graveyard Wood carvings Hotel Alte Post Mural to the Oberammergau Passion Plays Wodd carvings shop An old building Red Jellycat scooter June talks to the tour guide Pretty flowers on the balconies Back on the road we pass a country church Hay milk - the purist milk Local beer Jessica, Pete, and June share a lunch of local bread, cheese, and sausage Colorful playground Many farms A nearby village in the hills A boy plays with a rabbit A boy herding goats The Family Kroenauer breeds Braunvieh cattle This cow uses an automatic brush to scratch an itch On the road again to a nearby church Wieskirche, the pilgrimage church of Wies Holiday at Scholderhof Pete The Scholderhauf guest house A tiny little chapel Inside the little chapel Hay Fancy rococo interior Candles Organ pipes Pulpit Side chapel Fields full of Queen Anne's lace flowers Distance to more towns on the Romantic Road On the road again towards Neuschwanstein Lots of firewood Bicyclists Our first view of the Neuschwanstein Castle We are getting closer We arrive in the town of Hohenschwangau, which has its own castle The Neuschwanstein Castle is up a hill Some people take a horsedrawn buggy to the top An old barn with rocks on the roof A museum There is a spa here Jessica next to the Alpsee Alpseestube The Marienbrücke is packed with people when we near the top View from the Marienbrücke Jesica was here A closer view Someone is playing a hurdy gurdy We are walking towards the castle And here it is Pete at Neuschwanstein View of the countryside while we wait to go into the castle We get a sudden downpour while we are in line Throne hall (scanned from booklet) King's dining room (scanned from booklet) King's bedroom (scanned from booklet) King's private chapel (scanned from booklet) Singer's hall  (scanned from booklet) King's private study (scanned from booklet) View of countryside from with the castle View of the mountains Hohenschwangau Castle and the Alps Directions Our shuttle bus arrives We head back to Munich when it starts to drizzle Drinks at the München Stube Pete's salad and spaetzle Jessica's pork