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Krakow - Wawel Hill
Still plenty of snow in the mountains as we start out for Krakow Waiting for our flight to Poland June and Robin at the LOT Polish Airlines counter in Chicago Need more coffee The Polish countryside from the air Our plane from Warsaw to Krakow Interesting restaurant (note the guy on the roof at the right) Heading to our first dinner in Poland Everyone seemed to like the tomato soup 1 Everyone seemed to like the tomato soup 2 Funny signs in Polish Familiar logos on these drinks A stop at the convenience store Many kinds of beer and cider Krakow streetcar Drinks in the hotel patio We can see Wawel Castle over the rooftops from our hotel Robin's first time in a European hotel Dave's family at breakfast in the hotel Not Jessica's typical breakfast Josh and Amanda at breakfast Popular tours at a travel bureau (note the Pop John Paul II tour) Our guide Ewa tells us about the Krakow Jewish Quarter Cobblestone street Statue of Jan Karski on a bench Police cars Remuh Synagogue from 1558 Cute takeout counter Art and Hebrew writing on this building Opium Bar Remuh Jewish Cemetery from 1551 Exposed brick Setting up to sell produce in the district square Legs Colorful poster Mmmm, kielbasa Nuns crossing the street Distances to various cities Wawel Castle Colorful wildflowers Senator Tower on Wawel Hill Bernadine Gate and Sandomierz Tower Steeples above the walls Walking to the top of Wawel Hill Vistula River Thieves Tower Wawel Cathedral Amanda, Ehren, Pete, and Diane walking to Wawel Castle Cathedral steeples Statue of Pope John Paul II View of Krakow from the bell tower of the cathedral Sigismund Bell from 1520 at the top of the bell tower Amanda exiting from the bell tower Jessica climbing down from the bell tower Josh and Andrew want to ring this bell Spiral staircase The royal tombs Mosaic of Mary Fryderyk Chopin's tomb Jessica at a Cathedral door Steve and Diane Steeples and domes of the cathedral Dragon drain spout One of the Polish kings June and Jessica Pete at Wawel Castle A model of Wawel Hill A view of the Cathedral across chapel ruins from the 1100's Ivy covered buildings Wawel chocolate Pete likes his mocha Josh likes his fruit tart Nicholas hit the chocolate jackpot Diane, June, and Jessica Andrew, Dave, and Josh Robin, Steve, Amanda, and Ewa Brian and Ehren Nicholas and Jen Brian, Ehren, and Pete enjoy the view from Wawel Hill There are a zillion kids because it's the last day of school The castle courtyard More of the palace courtyard Names of donors for restoration work Kosciuszko Monument Interesting door Horsedrawn carriage St Andrew Church Church of Saints Peter and Paul Town Hall bell tower St Mary's Basilica Steeples of St Mary's Basilica Inside St Mary's Basilica Crucifix Wall carvings Sanctuary Looking straight up Everyone is amazed Detail of the altar screen Cloth Hall since 1300 I don't think you'd see furs like this in the US any more Brian and Diane shopping inside the Cloth Hall Jessica is shopping too Brian shopping for jewelry Robin explores Dave's family shopping Merchandise Church of St. Adalbert from the 900's Ready for lunch at the rustic Chlopskie Jadlo restaurant Cabbage rolls with potatoes and cabbage Where Pope Paul II spoke from A shady walkway Polish dresses Polish sausage, bread, and Coke for 19.00 zlotys Ready to leave Krakow Our stuff fills the hotel lobby The chairs are a memorial monument for the murdered Jews of the Podgorze Ghetto in Krakow A street car at night