Ethnographic Museum in Torun

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Ethnographic Museum
We hope to learn a bit more about our Polish heritage at the Ethnographic Museum Pretty dishes at the museum's shop Regions covered by the museum Clothing from times past Washing and weaving For babies Pretty chest Girls wore wreaths on their heads at harvest time A mushroom dryer Making wagon wheels A cool old sign Nativity scene Boys would dress as the Three Kings Listening to the guide They might be in trouble with the teacher again Religious objects Seems suprised to see us Planes, harnesses, and canes Tradition of drawing protective figures using sand They have moved old buildings to the outside of this museum An old house moved here to the museum Where the pigs lived Moss covered thatch roof Pretty flower Old fire engine Room for Dad, Mom, and the kids Room for grandparents Stables Big barn This house has a dirt floor A shed Fence and small outbuilding How they sawed planks from logs Stick staves for a fence We get to go inside every building Lots of things hanging on the walls Dovecot Bugs on flowers Windmill for milling wheat into flour This log was used to turn the entire windmill Pete climbs into the windmill Big cog inside the windmill A windmill for milling corn A different thatching technique Nicholas balancing Another pretty flower Kitchen Pretty shutters Josh is just one of the kids Jen looks through an old house An old watermill There's even an old houseboat A swarm of ladybugs Cross Shrine with colorful streamers tied to the fence Small school kids Not sure if this is a restroom for men or women