Tequila Tour

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June likes this bottle holder made from a large gourd Our van for the tequila tour We drive past some stunning mausoleums A few of the mausoleums Another one More huge mausoleums And some smaller ones One last view of the mausoleums We drive past a place where they raise fighting cocks Hundreds of fighting cocks Bienvenidos Vinata Los Osuna tequila distillery Blue agave for making tequila The distillery building Zillions of butterflies amongst the bougainvillea Yellow and white Veranda on one of the distillery buildings Agave plants of various ages Huge tree several hundred years old Getting ready to steam agave pinas A close-up of the autoclave What they used to use to crush the steamed agave pinas What they use now Wooden holding tanks June next to the still Tequila aging in old, old barrels Chimney for making steam Pretty yellow flowers They make two liqueurs and three levels of tequila This wasp seems to like this shot of tequila This old tree didn't make it June is shopping for jewelry She bought this opal pendant Welcome to the artisan town of La Noria Sign for an artisan leather shop Making leather sandals Soles for the sandals Old machetes The form for a saddle A finished saddle Clock in the leather store La Noria town plaza An old Volkswagen Thing A bandalero for tequila drinkers Quickly decorating a new belt School kids across the street from the town fountain The town church Statue of the Virgin Mary Interior of the church June looks at the altar decorations A side altar One of our group got a steaming molcajete bowl Everything is cooked over wood fires in this crude outdoor kitchen A road next to our restaurant