Barrio Bites Tour

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Plazuela Machado A two-story building next to the Plazuela Machado Typical street in the Centro Historico Tacos at El Veneno with atypical toppings El Veneno himself serves us the crunchy tacos they make The Tacos El Veneno vehicle is decorated for Christmas We visit a very old tortilleria Dried corn is soaking to make tortillas How to find a good tortilla The tortilla oven Next we visit a Tacos Suaves shop A delicious local soda found only in Sinaloa Types of tacos Frigate birds fly outside Price list and a shrine We are across the stree from the Playa Norte Next we visit the Pescaderia del Mar Freshly caught fish The shop owner pulls a sea snail out of its shell to show us We taste the smoked marlin and smoked halibut This is our open air auriga for our tour Next stop is the shrimp market Lots and lots of shrimp June learns how to eat a dried shrimp Maaike tells us all about dried shrimp Another view of the shrimp market Next stop is the Cenaduria Chayito restaurant Specials of the day And a final stop at the Cerveceria Tres Islas microbrewery