Around Mazatlan with the Metzgers

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Cheer Performance
Large Christmas ornament on a building Dana helps June shop for ceramics One of the many high-rise buildings along the beach The still at Onilikan Mango Distillery Gift shopping We visit one of the Back2Back houses where volunteers stay Bunk beds everywhere Masked ducks and turtles in the channel Dana gets Cora's hair ready for a cheer performance Dramatic makeup Red Christmas lights on a tree Lights at the mall Cora and her cheer team Performance certificate Girls on the team The Metzger family Cora with Dad and Mom Cora with Uncle Pete and Aunt June Cora with her coaches A bar and restaurant on the beach A local guy shows us his catch Rocky shoreline The Metzgers Grant likes to climb rocks Grant Matt and Cora at the top of the big rock Climbing Sunset Surfers Beach where the locals go Tequila tasting at dinner Grant's hair is getting long Psychedelic Christmas lights Lots of Christmas lights in the El Cid neighborhood - 1 Lots of Christmas lights in the El Cid neighborhood - 2 Lots of Christmas lights in the El Cid neighborhood - 3 Retrieving the ceramic bowl that June buys June shopping for dresses More shopping The beach at the Golden Zone Pancho's Restaurant right on the beach Sunset at the malecon Cora fixes the roof of a play house Matt and Cora repairing the play house Grant on the slide Cora on the play structure