Sorrento & Pompeii (Schneiders)

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Panorama of Sorrento Eloise Livingston Facy trivets Livingston in downtown Sorrento Bar Ercolano Shopping street The bell tower of Sorrento's cathedral Sorrento lemon for limoncello Local wine Sorrento harbor Selfie A nice spot for lunch Pretty flowers Entering Pompeii at the Quadraporticus Gladiator barracks Arched entyway Theater Taking a picture of the marble walkways Stores and restaurants Lots of tourists on the streets of Pompeii Cobblestone streets Houses 1 Houses 2 Another street Statue of a centaur Marble and brick Pompeii's Forum with Vesuvius in the distance Forum 2 Forum 3 Base of a column made from bricks An armless statue overlooks the valley below More ruins Red poppies The edge of the excavation site