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The tour buses are ready as we arrive in Rhodes The city walls and castle We begin our tour Driving on the bus Beach umbrellas and chairs Driving along the beach We can see Turkey across the water We drive by temple ruins with scaffolding Rhodes countryside Olive trees A tiny country church Our first view of the Acropolis of Lindos The Acropolis St Paul's Beach St Paul's Chapel A wider view of the Acropolis Livingston next to a white oleander Sailboat Eloise with the Acropolis behind her Linda with the Acropolis behind her The town of Lindos Sailboats in a bay A view of the acropolis as we leave Olive grove Yikes, there's another bus coming on this narrow road We stop for snacks next to a resort Parasailing Zythos Vap lager beer Yachts back in the cirty of Rhodes Battlements Dolphin sculpture A map of the town June is shopping for hats Ruins of the Virgin of the Burg church Archway leading to the water Livingston at the ruins Buttresses and motorcycles Colorful La Veranda restaurant June by the fountain in the town square Is that a minaret Another view of the fountain Stores hug the city walls A boat selling shells and sponges Fishing boats An American yacht A path around the city walls One of the city gates City walls Two other ships are in port A minaret inside the city walls Old windmills The Lady Christine yacht Ruins of a medieval tower next to the ships