Ostia Antica (Linda, Mieraus)

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June by the pool at our hotel in Fiumicino Pete making a taxi reservation on his laptop Map of Ostia Antica's ruins Decumanus Maximus is the main street through most Roman towns Entrance to city via the cemetery June and Pete Mausoleums 1 Mausoleums 2 Linda and June What's left of an entrance sign for the city Umbrella trees along the Decumanus Maximus Striped snail Mosaic in the main baths - 1 Mosaic in the main baths - 2 Mosaic in the main baths - 3 Housing The streets have large cobblestones Market stalls Square of the Guilds Outdoor theater Interesting masks near the theater Carved pedestal Temple for Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) Ancient sinks What's left of a marble column More housing Shop serving hot food and drink The Forum government buildings A Corinthian capital Small circular template to Lares Augusti from 51 AD The Capitolium template to the Roman gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva June Market area Fishmonger's shop Ruins of a Christian basilica from the 300's AD Large arched buildings Arches Mosaic in the guild-seat of the Grain Measures Columns and arches Headless statue More brick buildings Warehouses near the river Some buildings were very large