Nafplion & Corinth (Linda, Schneiders)

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The ship's tenders bring us to the tour buses We pass ancient ruins beside the road The countryside looks similar to California The Corinth Canal completed in 1893 Eloise Farms Fortifications on top of a mountain Part of the Glauke Fountain from 600 BC More from the Glauke Fountain Ruins of Ancient Corinth 1 Leftover pieces of ruins Roman writing Ruins of Ancient Corinth 2 Ruins of Ancient Corinth 3 Greek writing Ruins of Ancient Corinth 4 Ancient street Statue of a robed person Ruins of Ancient Corinth 5 Corinthian order Details of sandals Linda by the Temple of Apollo from 600 BC Headless statues at the museum at the ruins Elaborate mosaic Soldiers Man with arms crossed Lekythoi pottery fround in graves as offerings Livingston and Eloise Linda next to an oleander More ruins next to the road City walls The streets are empty - must be siesta time Livingston enjoys a beer Tendering back to the ship The tenders pass the Bourtzi fortifications