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Murano Glassmaking
June is waiting at the hotel for our water taxi to Murano The water taxi goes under a low bridge Navigating the canals Boating through the canals The Church of Saints John and Paul Bell tower of Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta We are now in open water heading towards Murano We pass a porter's boat Livingston sits in the back of the water taxi Approaching the dock in Murano June, Linda, Eloise, and Livingston disembark from the water taxi Boat dock Signoretti glass Examples of chandeliers made here Master craftsmen work with molten glass Red hot This is a large work area A very large chandelier A piece is annealed in a slightly cooler oven The master crafstman quickly makes a horse A glass fireplace June buys a pretty bowl Leaving the glass factory Murano lighthouse More glass factories called 'fornaces' The bell tower of the Chiesa di San Michele in Isola