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Crkva Gospe od Andela Catholic church on Kotor Bay Appears to be a fish farm Houses line the bay This church is being restored We are cruising very close to shore A hillside church Welcome to Kotor A panorama of Kotor And from higher And even higher Coffee stop Handmade clothing for cold weather Vlaska Church and WWI war memorial in Cetinje Kosmac Fort on the hill A view of Budva Most of Budva is a modern resort town, but with an Old Town at the far left The medieval walls of Old Town Budva A Roman era necropolis next to modern hotels Outdoor cafes next to Old Town City gate Map of Old Town Numbered wall stones for earthquake reconstruction Catholic church of St John The rear of the church has a big crack Bell tower of St Ivan Church Archway to nowhere Holy Trinity Church Santa Maria Church Pete Concert seating June, Livingston, and Eloise View of the Adriatic Sea Livingston and Pete Chimneys Bakery and shopping Colorful flowers Sign for an English pub Stara Budva cafe and bar Narrow walkway Yacht harbor That looks like an expensive yacht I think that hand is a doorbell Watering cans as flower pots There's still a bit of Russian from when Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia A beach next to Old Town June drinks a Coke Livingston says it's time to go 30,000 euros per parking place A large mausoleum in a graveyard St Thomas Church A nice beach on the way back to Kotor We arrive back in Kotor A marina for small boats Cathedral of Saint Tryphon Drago Palace Religious souvenirs for sale King Tomislav's memorial plaque at Cathedral of Saint Tryphon Frescoed arches The Cathedral sanctuary Hand holding a Cross at an angle Altar and balduchin Although Catholic, there are still some icons Mmmm, gelato Kotor is nestled at the very end of these bays We enter the Kotor Maritime Museum Officer's uniform Traditional dress for women Gun with mother of pearl inlays Winged lion of Venice Interesting door Church of St Luke This is a private sign, do not read A little girl is drawing pictures June, Eloise, and Livingston St Nicholas Church Domes of the Church of St Nicholas Altar screen Icons Votive candles A metal model of the church Time for some shopping The winged lion of Venice on the city walls Farmers market One of the city gates Old stairs Our ship is docked right next to the city walls Outdoor cafe Livingston enjoys a local beer June has her Coke Bell tower of the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon The Palace of the Pima Family Goodbye to Kotor as we reboard the ship Mountains surround the bay Pete buys a picture made of straw View of Kotor Bay from the top of our ship The Old Town of Kotor within its city walls The city walls zigzag up the mountain More city walls A view of St Nicholas Church from outside the walls Venetian palaces inside the walls Church of Our Lady of Remedy on the hillside Montenegro flag The Crown Princess next to us June sticks her head over the railing A tiny little church Modern buildings along the water As we leave Kotor, we can see the entire city walls at one time Crkva Sv Matije Church of St Eustachius A pretty village Our Lady of the Rocks and Sveti Juraj Close-up of Our Lady of the Rocks A ferry with lots of vehicles Pedjina Crkva Building a brand new resort Eloise and Livingston on the balcony Village and mountains The pilot leaves the ship We pass Fort Sharp, Croatia as we head into open waters