Herculaneum (Pete)

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A first sight of Herculaneum excavations from the same era as Pompeii Neighbohood houses surround the site View down the Decumanus Maximus The bottom used to be sea level in 79 AD Our guide shows us lots of different styles of brickwork Columns around a courtyard of a very large house House of Aristide House of Argo Columns around House of Albergo Restaurant serving hot food and drinks Cobbled street This building shows an upstairs portion Buildings had these urine collection pots at their entrances A rare wooden partition - but turned to charcoal by the heat White mosaic Wall paintings cover all the walls Another mosaic in the same house An indoor fountain made of marble Colorful red wall painting Courtyard which had brick columns Clothes press made of marble Heated bath A buckled mosaic in the baths A large tub Dedication plaque for the Hall of the Augustals - a cult of freed slaves The original wood beams turned to charcoal Temple dedicated to Hercules A bakery A wide street lined with stores Wine prices and a sign for a show A street with lots of columns A large archway Water trough Remnant of a snake frescoe advertising a doctor A long ladder to the current ground level Various artifacts uncovered during excavations An oven A large tavern Wall sculpture, including one man stabbing another These walls are still colorful today A marble statue of M. Nonius Balbus An altar in a temple Temple dedicated to four divinities Some of the 300 skeletons of people waiting to evacuate The skeletons are in what once were sea level warehouses Panorama of Herculaneium with Vesuvius in the distance