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Other ships are in port when we arrive in Crete A local Orthodox church Cretan countryside as we drive to a winery Wine tasting Exihibit of old winery equipment Linda and June pay for their purchases Old bottles of the local Minos wine Maybe an old grape destemmer Old bicycle for delivering wine Not sure what this is Street signs Our bus drives through a typical Greek village Local church in a village A vineyard Olive groves and vineyards cover the hills for miles A farming village nestled in the hills Pretty yellow flowers line the road Lunch A clock tower in the town of Archanes Somehow the bus can navigate these narrow roads A tiny little church A gyro shop We look inside a local church Lots of icons in the church More icons An old blue door Red bougainvillea Gourds drying These shutters don't seem like they'd do much good Eloise and Livingston go into a store More bougainvillea and a bell tower These look like bird houses Fresh local vegetables Some of these buildings are pretty old That says 'pharmacy' in Greek Lots of geraniums in pots on this restaurant Obituaries posted at the bus stop Downtown Archanes Might be an aquaduct A band plays for us as we embark from Crete